10 Best Bathroom Faucet Brands Reviews 2020 Buying Guide & Tips

Are you looking for the best bathroom faucet brands to fix or replace in your house? There are so many things that you need to consider before you buy a faucet.

Since there are so many designs that are available in the market like a touchless kitchen faucet, I am sure you would love a valve that blends well with other fixture such as the sink, the shower and also the bathtubs in the room.

​Top 6 Best Bathroom Faucet Brands Reviews 2018- A Comparison Table

​We've reviewed here in comparison table some of the best bathroom faucets for you. So you can easily choose your favorite best bathroom faucet. We've made it after spending a lot of time and labor. hope to buy the best bathroom faucet.

​Product Name



Our Rating


​6.4 x 8 x 4.8           inches

7.69 pounds

​4.6 x 11.3 x 9.1 inches

​6 Pounds

​10.5 x 7.5 x 6.8 inches

​6 pounds

13.4 x 10.6 x 2.8        inches

6.45 pounds

​5.4 x 5.8 x 5.4       inches

​4.75 pounds

​7.1 x 6 x 7.6           inches

​5.09 pounds

So to make sure that you have the ​best bathroom tap, follow the below-buying guide.

The materials.

Although these devices are made of different materials, the critical thing to look out for is efficient and durable. Make sure the handlebar is crafted with durable and robust material that will not get damaged or spoilt even after prolonged usage.

Apart from having a sturdy handlebar, the overall tap must be made of none rusting content to ensure that it does not rust or corrode. Maintaining regarding cleaning and drying should be easy.

The size.

The size of the tap is determined by the size of the bathroom sink. If the tub is large, then you will require purchasing a large faucet to ensure that fits well on the sink.

If the sink has a small basin, consider small sized drain to ensure that it that there is no overflow when the tap is on. Also, bathroom faucets are crafted in different heights to fit in separate sinks.

If your sink features the freestanding basin, you will need a tall tap so you can be able to have good water outlet all the time.

The Handlebar.

Bathroom faucets are crafted with different handlebars to meet customers’ needs. Some consist of the single bar while others consist of dual handlebars.

If you want a tap for natural water temperature regulation, a double handle faucet will be the perfect choice for you since it is easy to use especially in a home with small kids.

If you only want single water temperature, then a separate handles bar would be excellent for you. Note that some faucets are designed with dual water temperature regulations.

The installation.

Before you buy the faucet, make sure it is compatible with your sink. Some valves are designed for a single hole connection while other have multiple hole connections.

So, ensure that you choose a faucet that has the right hole fix. Another essential factor to consider regarding installation is the thickness of your sink counter.

Ensure that the material used in the construction of the sink is easy to drill for installing the device. Some faucets are sold with tools for fixing but with other you are required to buy your own.

The color.

Although your primary goal is to get a durable faucet for your bathroom usage, it is also essential to choose a faucet that will match your bathroom.

They come in different colors such as bronze, silver stainless steel and so on. So select the one that will pair perfectly with the interior of your bathroom.

Your needs.

First off you need to list down your needs so you can be able to choose a suitable faucet for your bathroom use. Ask yourself what kind of valve, the method and also why you need it.

You also need to consider other members of the family especially kids and older adults to make sure the faucet will be easy to use by all.

​Top 10 Recommended Best Bathroom Faucet Brands Reviews 2018

​Choosing the best brand of bathroom faucet is not very easy task. ​You must have knowledge and experience to choose a best bathroom faucet for your house. but with knowledge and experience you need spend a lot of time and effort to pick best one.

After spending a lot of time and effort we are a team researched the market and ​recommended here some brands of best bathroom ​faucet, So that you can easily purchase your ​preferred bathroom faucet. Please stay and read more to pick a best bathroom faucet. 

A bathroom just like kitchen requires durable and easy to use faucets. And when it comes to designing elegant faucets, Moen has never disappointed us.

The Moen bathroom tap features beautiful and easy to use features that make it ideal faucet especially for use in the commercial area. First off, the valve features two handles which makes it easy to control the regulation of water temperatures.

​This moen best two handle bathroom faucet made of shiny stainless steel that guarantees you extended usage and does not either corrode or rust because of water contacts. The bathroom faucet is equipped with a high arc spout which is essential for offering comfortable and more clearance.

It is necessary for a commercial area since the valves are designed in large sizes. They measure about 18 inches while the other one measures approximately 16 inches widespread.

For quality and efficient control of the water outlet, the faucet is equipped with a 9000 valve.

​     what we like

  • Installation is quite easy
  • They are ADA compliant
  • Moen faucet is designed with durable materials
  • They are made of large sizes for efficient use
  • The drain is equipped with two handles for easy control of water

  what we don't like

  • Some customers have complained about having difficulties with installation where they had to hire a technician

Durability is the first thing that most customers look for when buying gadgets and thus to ensure that the American two porcelain faucet will serve the user for a long time, it has been designed with excellent and rust resistant materials.

They consist of lifetime finishing on the outer part which is essential for protecting the device from losing its original look after prolonged usage.

​This American Standard 7871212002 also features dual porcelain lever handles for efficient water outlet both at home and in commercial areas. Other features include the ceramic disc valve that provides excellent control of the water for a long time plus the metal pop up drain available for smooth dripping of water.

The gadget is offered at a pocket-friendly price and comes with matching shower valve and tube fillers as well. You can quickly fix the tap as it comes with a user manual for instructions and once you buy, you will be provided with a warranty where you can request an exchange or money back.

​     what we like

  • Installation is quite easy
  • It is designed in an elegant finish
  • It has a high-quality valve for effective water control
  • It is made of chrome material to ensure its durability
  • The finishing is done with rust-free material to ensure its durability

​  what we don't like

  • The faucet is made in large sizes hence cannot work in bathrooms with small sinks

.I would recommend this best single handle bathroom faucet for those who want a small device to install maybe in their bedroom bathroom. It is crafted in a small built since it measures about 4 inches.

The Delta 597LF faucet features a small handlebar which makes it quick and easy to control and use the device. It is suitable for installation on single or triple holes.

The tap is crafted in the unique finish that makes it stand out from the other shiny faucets.

​Also, a lot of customers have praised the Delta faucets for the great shape they are made of which makes it blend well with the majority of the bathrooms.

Note that the Delta faucet is a bit pricey as compared to other brands but the quality and efficiency is worth it.

​     what we like

  • It is durable
  • The installation is quite easy
  • It is made of sturdy chrome metals
  • The finishing is done with beautiful colors
  • The faucet is crated in a beautifully unique shape
  • Also, the drain is compatible with single and triple hole installation

​    what we don't like

  • The price is too high
  • The sprout lets out less water as compared to other faucets

This is an essential faucet for those who need a full spread of water outlet since the device allows water to flow in large quantities.

It is polished with chrome material that makes your bathroom to stand out and look all shiny. It also features the KOHLER ceramic disc valve that is suitable for increasing the device’s durability.

​This design is said to improve the longevity of the device twice as much as the rest designs.​This Kohler K394-4CP best widespread bathroom faucet is made of solid brass built which also makes the invention serve you for a long time.

The widespread bathroom faucet is equipped with two handles widespread design which allows you to control the water temperatures and for easy use. It is ideal for large sinks as the faucet measure 8 and 196 inches at the center.

​   ​what we like

  • The price is also fair
  • It consists of durable materials
  • The construction of the tap is done using strong materials
  • Installation takes less than an hour with the aid of a user manual
  • It features two handle widespread lavatory faucets for excellent water flow

​    what we don't like

  • Some customers have complained about getting the tap shipped with some parts missing

​This tap is crafted in an elegant look that makes it match well with all homes. It is crafted using durable, solid materials that guarantee you long usage of the device.

It is quite easy to maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the faucet as the available 4-3/4 inches long rigid spout is quite easy to clean. The outer parts of the valve are crafted with shiny material that makes it look elegant.

​You don’t have to worry regarding the device getting damaged by water since it is coated with a non rusting material that makes it retain its natural look for the longest time.

Also, you don’t need to spend more money on hiring a plumber for installation. This is because it takes less than one hour to get the device on your sink counter.

​     what we like

  • It is strong and durable
  • Installation of the tap is quite easy
  • Works well with all modern bathrooms
  • It is easy to use and control the water outlet
  • The finishing is done with nonrusting materials
  • Apart from having durable materials, the faucet is quite beautiful

​    what we dont' like

  • The Delta faucet is slightly larger thus requires a large sink
  • It is not easy to mount it on thick surfaces like granite countertop without the use of the mounting kit

This is another excellent faucet choice for people who have a significant sink. It is made of durable and unique color that makes it look elegant in the modern bathrooms.

The faucet features a brushed nickel finish that gives it a grey metallic look for efficient use. The tap also consists of two tap handlebars that make it easy to control at any given time.

​Another reason as to why you should get this elegant tap is the fact that the finishing of the device is done in a way that it would not corrode or rust even after prolonged usage.

Note that the tap is supposed to be used with the Moen valve no 9000, but it is not included in the package. Thus, one is accepted to purchase it separately. Installation is quite easy, and you can quickly do it on your own without the help of a technician.

    what we like

  • It is easy to install
  • It consists of lightweight materials too
  • The tap is crafted with strong and beautiful materials
  • Comes with two handlebars for easy control of the tap
  • Its material does rust or corrodes even after prolonged usage

    what we don't like

  • The tap functions well with valve no 9000 which you have to purchase separately

A beautifully crafted faucet that will make your bathroom sink look unique and elegant. It is crafted with sturdy and robust material that ensures its durability even after prolonged usage.

The faucet as two handlebars which makes it easy to control the water outlet. The handlebar is made of metal that ensures that it lasts for long even after constant use.

The faucet can easily be mounted on counterparts that measure about 1 1/8 inches in thickness. Also, the tap features a long tap spout that allows efficient water outlet. It measures 4 5/8 inches in length and 6 13/16 inches high.

From the deck to the aerator the device measures 4 15/ 16 inches.

    what we like

  • Mounting on the majority of the decks is easy
  • It is crafted using durable and robust materials
  • It consists of two handlebars for easy control of the water outlets
  • The tap is crafted with unique colors that make it look elegant on the sink

what we don't like

  • Some customers have complained about the aerator leaking even after closing the tap

8. Moen 6140BN Eva Two Handle Lavatory Bathroom Faucet

​The faucet is brushed with a nickel finish that gives it a beautiful and elegant silver look. It is ideal for fixing in commercial toilets since the faucet is easy to control.

Apart from the beautiful exterior finish, Moen faucet is also made in ways that it will not lose its original look even after prolonged usage.

Other reliable features on the tap include the center set design which is essential for allowing easy installation of the valve.

It contains about 1/2 inch IPS connections. You can fix this device in all bathrooms including for people with disability since it has been tested and is ADA compliant.

Installation is quite easy and efficient plus you get a warranty against the manufacturer's defects.

    what we like

  • It is easy to install
  • It has non- rusting finish material
  • It is designed in a unique and beautiful look
  • It is suitable for disabled people uses too
  • A lot of clients have praised the tap for being easy to operate due to the presence of the dual handlebars

    what we don't like

  • The 4-inch centerpiece is not compatible with all sinks since some may require the 6-inch centerpiece

Delta has never disappointed when it comes to designing faucets, and this is another excellent model from the company.

The faucet features a single handlebar which is essential for easy use and control of water outlet.

The exterior parts of the valve are finished with nonrusting material that keeps the faucet safe and free from rust even after prolonged exposure to water.

​The spout of the tap is made of durable material that keeps it reliable for a long time. It can be fixed in different sized holes which range from 1 to 4 inches.

Installation of the faucet is straightforward since it is compatible with the majority of the counters. The handlebar features metal construction that prolongs its life even after extended usage by people.

It has low water outlet making it ideal for home use or commercial areas with small sinks.

    what we like

  • It is easy to install
  • It is compatible with many fixing holes
  • The handlebar is crafted with metal material for durability
  • It is made with nonrusting material for durability purposes

    what we don't like

  • Some users have complained about the faucet having a small hose

This is a beautiful and elegant faucet that is designed with a single handlebar for smooth operation.

It is made of sturdy and durable materials which are backed up by a 30 days warranty with a guarantee of full money refund. Also, the device is made of dual water a temperature which is quite easy to control with the single handlebar.

​It is compatible with sinkholes that measure 3.3 cm or 4.5 cm which are estimated to be between 1.3 a 1.77 inches.

The tap also consists of matching oil rubbed bronze material that provided pop up drain and also ensures there is no overflowing.

Installation of the faucet is easy, and in case your sink has a small or large hole, you can quickly drill another fitting hole with the provided tool.

    what we like

  • Installation is quite easy
  • It makes the bathroom sink look unique and beautiful
  • It has a single handlebar for easy control of the water
  • The materials used to make the faucet are durable
  • Regulating the water temperatures with the provided single handlebar is easy

​    what we don't like

  • Some customers have reported leakage after extended usage of the tap


We've reviewed some best bathroom faucet brands above. If you want the most reliable and secure to use bathroom faucets for your newly built house, then consider the above ten devices.

Although every faucet is crafted with unique features, they are efficient to meet different customers’ needs and preferences.​

Also, note that some valves are made of two handlebars while others contain a single handlebar.

The choice of the faucet based on the handlebar depends on the size of your sink as they require sizeable installing space, unlike the single faucets.

Follow the above-discussed buying guide to help you chose the most reliable valve for your house or commercial place installation. Thanks for reading our reviews. You can also read our post for water pump reviews and water storage tank reviews here and also a guide for best finish wood kitchen table if you in needed.