8 Best Finish for Kitchen Table- Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

If you are thinking of kitchen renovation, then it is essential to pay attention to your kitchen table because if it does not look right, then the whole renovation will not look great. Choosing the best finish for the kitchen table is difficult as you use the table every day, and the finish should be durable. Moreover, the kitchen table mostly comes in contact with food. So the finish should be safe, especially if there are little ones in your home. The right finish of any kitchen table makes a big difference to the entire ambiance.

Advantages of Using Finish in Kitchen Table

A simple application of a graceful finish in the kitchen table reveals the best characteristics while trimming away the worst qualities. The advantages are:

  • Finish enhances looks

Wooden surfaces require a shiny, elegant, and rich look. The finish is possible by applying a liquid of special kind which dries and forms a protective layer. It transforms the appearance by highlighting its figure and color. Using the best finish for a kitchen table reveals the depth to the wood making the surface shiny and smooth, which is pleasant to touch.

  • Protection

Finishing also gives protection from dirt as well as moisture. Applying moisture-resistant finish slows down moisture exchange.

  • Durability

There are various ways to finish, but more or less, these ways are almost similar. A special liquid is wiped, poured, sprayed, brushed or rubbed onto the wooden kitchen table. This liquid is made of solids and solvents. The solvent disappears, leaving the solid on the surface and makes it durable. So applying a finish in the kitchen table is extremely important.

Top 8 Best Finish for Kitchen Table 2020

Before you finalize the perfect finish for your kitchen table, it is important to go through the available options and compare each. It gives you a fair idea about what’s available and products that can transform the look of the table. We have reviewed the 8 best options worth considering.

#1. General Finishes Arm-R-Seal Oil Based Topcoat_ One of the Best Finish for Wood Kitchen Table

Arm-R-Seal Topcoat contains superior-quality urethane resin, making it long-lasting and durable. It has been formulated to be applied with a foam brush or wiped on with a cloth.

The Topcoat penetrates deep-down to provide protection retaining a natural look. Semi-gloss Oil-based paint is perfect for wooden surfaces that require better finishing.

It stays on the surface, and a skin-like layer is formed, which is perfect for removing dust, dirt, and water from the surface. The improved features make it durable as it does not fade away.

The gallon size comes in a jug instead of the can for convenient use. It is resistant to heat and can be applied under high temperatures. The raw materials are environmentally friendly and stand out in quality and uniqueness. So if you are keen to find the best finish for a wood kitchen table, then this product is a good choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in different capacities
  • Properly sealed ensuring non-oxidization
  • Proper instructions provided
  • Smoother flow with no additives


  • Sophisticated colors for a natural finish
  • High-quality urethane resin
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Good coverage


  • More dry-time

#2) Waterlox TB 6044 Original Satin Finish_ Another Best Finish for a Kitchen Table

The Satin Finish highlights every detail of the wooden kitchen table. This is gentle and gives a gloss while preventing fingerprints marks when applied on the surface.

The Waterlox Original Stain Finish enhances the look of the kitchen table by highlighting the features present on the wooden kitchen table. It is made from Tung oil, and it penetrates deep-down very well, giving a water-resistant feature to the tabletop.

You need not worry about any spillage. It is easy to maintain and clean. But keep in mind that this cannot be used alone and requires a sealer.

This durable oil-based polyurethane finish gives perfect pigmentation. It dries easily and does not require more than two-coatings for a smooth effect. You can apply the product with any brush available.

Highlighted Features

  • Produces satin appearance
  • Easily combined with other paints
  • Can be used with any type of brush


  • Made of recycled resources
  • Cleans out easily
  • Water-resistant
  • Soft gloss


  • It has a strong smell

#3) Minwax 40910000 Wipe-On Poly Finish Clear, pint, Satin- Best Polyurethane for Kitchen Table

The Wipe-On Poly Finish Clear is long-lasting increases durability and protects the wooden kitchen table for many years. Applying this finish on your kitchen table is easy, and it is a wipe on the feature, thus providing a quicker application.The mild odor makes it perfect for indoor use.

This water-based finish is one of the best Polyurethane for kitchen table. It can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. The prominent fast drying feature makes it perfect for applying on a variety of surfaces.

The finish enhances natural beauty and texture, giving a satin and clear finish.

This is great for the kitchen table as it places a thick layer on the surface. You can mix it with other colors and need to be applied only once. You can easily mix it with other colors, and you only need to apply it once, saving lots of money.

Use this finish and prevent your kitchen table from water and stains that are due to heavy-duty use. The product is easiest to learn and master as a beginner.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable and Waterproof
  • Gives a clear satin finish
  • Can be applied with any brush
  • Includes special directions for application


  • Water-based polyurethane finish
  • Excellent durability
  • Clear satin finish
  • Easy to use


  • Bit dull

#4) Grizzly Industrial H2372, Good Stuff Wood Finish- Best Finish for a Kitchen Table Top

This urethane gel is easy to use and is perfect for unfinished or raw wood surfaces. It enhances the natural beauty of your kitchen table.

Good Stuff Wood Finish for Maple Tops is formulated with synthetic oils that dry fast. The finish ensures that the natural beauty of the wood is intact.

It offers resistance to moisture and stains, as well as other liquids. The product is perfect for refinishing or finishing butcher islands as well as countertops. It can be used even on wooden salad bowls and cooking utensils.

This cutting board conditioner is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and thus approved for commercial foodservice operations. The best feature of the product is its longevity.

This product is fast-drying synthetic oil and formulated to increase the wood look naturally. The dry film is alcohol resistant, non-toxic, and approved by the FDA for food contact. The product emits no odor or fumes. It is easy to apply and needs more than two coatings for a perfect look.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast Drying
  • No Brushing
  • Safe for Food Contact
  • Water and Alcohol Resistant


  • Detailed instructions are given
  • Cleans out easily
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Gives a slightly yellow color to wood

#5) Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish for Wood- Best Finish for Wooden Kitchen Table

Waterlox Original Finish is one of the most durable sealer/finish that gives good pigmentation. It is also very easy to apply.

The paint/finish synthesis has metal particles in it and gives a clear effect on your wooden kitchen table. It dries easily and requires a maximum of two applications to have a glossy and smooth effect.

It is oil-based and available in multiple colors. Waterlox works as a primer, sealer, paint additive, and tie-coat to improve adhesion. It offers exceptional adhesion to dense, oily, and exotic woods such as rosewood, teak, and pie. It works great on porous surfaces. Cool temperatures, poor ventilation, or high humidity may increase time to dry.

The product gives the medium sheen appearance and is one of the most versatile products of the company. It forms an elastic yet protective finish that works effectively on food spills, foot traffic, and moisture. The product does not require any thinning and the gap of at least twenty-four hours for applying the coats. It waterproofs and penetrates well when applied. One quart covers the area of 125sq.ft per coat.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Versatile


  • Works well with every type of brush
  • Can be combined with other paints
  • Made of recycled resources
  • Resistant to water
  • Easily cleanout


  • It tends to streak

#6) Rust-Oleum 284473 Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane

Rust-Oleum is by far the technologically advanced triple-thick Polyurethane, Satin. It can be used in external and internal wooden parts as well as on metal.

This formula that gives a perfect finish to the kitchen tables made of wood. It comes in larger quantities too so you can perform painting on large wooden surfaces.

The product application creates a protective shield and gives a smooth finish that is pleasing to touch. This clear coat should be applied thickly and increases coverage. It saves time and dries fast.

The advanced process of self-leveling that allows the completion of the project with only a single coat means that projects get complete faster while giving excellent protection. It is a perfect choice for beginners and is affordable too. It is advisable to use this product for indoor purposes only and can be combined with different finishes to find the best scratch-resistant coating without a yellow effect. It can be cleaned using soap and water.

Highlighted Features

  • Secure packaging for non-oxidization
  • Odor-free application
  • Comes with videos for application


  • Stays intact
  • Satin finish
  • Gives delicate surfacing
  • Protect the wooden surfaces
  • Dries in two-hours approximately


  • Need to apply coats about 5-10 times

#7) Varnish Oil, Quart- Another Best Kitchen Table Finish

This premium oil is an age-old recipe with solids and solvent-free. This superior quality finish is safe for kitchen tables, toys, cutting boards, and children's furniture. It comes with FDA regulations as 'safe for food contact surfaces.'

The ease of application and its quality makes it a perfect product. Varnish Oil, a polymerized linseed oil instilled using natural resin varnish. Its semi-gloss Top-coat adds durability as well as sheen after every application.

The scratch resistance along with its excellent abrasion make it suitable for a kitchen table.

Highlighted Features

  • Gets more durable and harder as it ages
  • Super hand-rubbed finish
  • High resin content for semi-gloss sheen


  • Each coat adds a glossy touch
  • Semi-gloss sheen
  • Durability


  • Viscosity is a bit high

#8) ZAR Oil Based Polyurethane Wood Finish- Best Polyurethane Wood Finish for Kitchen Table

ZAR ULTRA Polyurethane is oil-based Polyurethane and an incredibly fast-drying product, giving a smooth finish with no brush marks.

The product features an abrasion-resistant finish and dries in approximately two hours. The self-leveling properties work perfectly on the wooden kitchen table. This is environmentally safe and formulated with waterborne Oil.

The modified polyurethane technology provides protection and adds to the beauty of the kitchen table. 

It can be used on cabinets, woodworks and other furniture. The low-odor, fast-drying formula provides superior hardness and resistance. The natural finish enhances wood tones. It is ideal for use on Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, and other wood species.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast-drying abrasion
  • Resistant finish
  • Ideal for use on furniture, wood floors, and millwork
  • Dries in half an hour to the touch


  • Can be clean easily with soap and water
  • Exotic hardwood approved
  • Low odor


  • Bit costly
Finish for Kitchen Table

What to look for Choosing the Best Finish for Wooden Kitchen table

After spending all the hours in making repairs, removing the old finish, sanding, smoothing, and staining, putting the best finish on a the kitchen table is the final payoff. So, it is important to consider some points before buying the best finish for your kitchen table.

  • Type of Finishes
  • Appropriate Techniques
  • Durability of the finish
  • Safety Aspects
  • Glazing, Staining, and Shading
  • Sheen

Let us further look at the options we have for the above things worth considering. While it is important to consider them before you move ahead with your choice, it is more important to have a look at the options that are available.


The basic types of finishes are penetrating resin, Varnish, lacquer wax, Shellac, and Oil. These finishes are made to protect wooden products and bring out the natural beauty. The selection of a finish depends on some factors like:

  • How you want the wood to look?
  • How durable should a finished surface be?
  • Out of basic finishes, Varnish and penetrating resin are the most durable.

The Varnish is the most durable and offers high-gloss Satin, but it is difficult to apply. Penetrating resin goes deep-down the wood and gives a natural feel and look. It is durable and easy to apply. The other furniture finishes also have their advantages like Oil produces a natural look, and Shellac is easy to use and dries fast. For refinishing, penetrating resin and Varnish is the best choice.

_Application techniques

For some people, the finishing step can be routine work, but for others, it can be creative. Some finishes cannot be mixed, but some can mix. There are individual application techniques, and each requires different materials and tools. Always read the ingredients and application instructions given on the container.

  • Follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • A varnish/oil mixture can be sprayed on and needs wiping to remove the excess finish.
  • Lacquer is sprayed usually and dries quickly.
  • Brushing can result in an uneven look and requires extensive experience.
  • A film finish is sprayed or brushed usually but takes too many coats to form a proper film.

_Requirement of Finishes

The dust-free environment is the basic requirement during the application, and providing this environment is not easy but can be done. Using a finish that dries matte gives the opportunity to remove lint and dirt with rubbing abrasives.


Durability is as important as looks, and it is a primary requirement in choosing a finish. The Varnish is more protective because it is a surface coat, and damage to the Varnish merely extends to the wood. The penetrating resin hardens the wood but does not effectively protect the surface from damage like that of Varnish. Penetrating resin is good for heavy use because it is easier to apply and does not craze or chip.


Food safe finishes are a good choice for kitchen tables as most of the time it is in contact with food. However, many say that all finishes are food safe once they are fully cured. But some people do not want to take the risk. In this case, it is recommended to use a food-safe finish.

There are harmful chemicals in some finishes, and these chemicals may irritate your lungs during the application. Using a low-VOC finish is good to consider because it is safe to use and even when the finishing is off-gassing after application.

_Glazing, Staining, and Shading

Glazing, staining, and shading make the wood look great and do not have any benefit beyond this. A glaze is applied in between the finish coats. A stain is directly applied to wood, and shading is adding color to the Topcoat before application.


It is very much a personal choice to have a high sheen. For this purpose, select a film finish ensuring the pores of semi-porous or porous wood are completely filled for the best result, although it is not compulsory. High sheen finishes are mostly sprayed on.

Best Kitchen Table Finish

FAQs About best kitchen table finishing

  • Is finishing important for a kitchen table? Suggest the finish, which is durable and offers a natural look?

Yes, in most cases, it is important to finish your kitchen table because of its obvious advantages. Uncoated wood is not long-lasting as that of coated wood. The clear coats do not change the wood color, whereas stain does.

These two can be combined for a great look and durability. If any of both these are done properly, then it locks out moisture and diminishes the risk of mold, rot, and mildew. Varnishes are the most durable finish, but if it is worn, chipped, scratched, or damaged over time, then re-varnish becomes necessary.

  • What is the best alternative to Varnish?

Hard wax oils are the best alternative, although, in terms of durability, they are behind Varnish. Hard wax oils are durable and tough. It is easy to apply and maintain as well as repair if areas become scratched or worn. The natural formulation of hard wax oils helps to retain the untreated look of wood. It penetrates well into the wood surface and hardens the wood grain providing the durable, tough, and liquid resistant finish. Applying the coats thrice or more can build up wax that can be easily scuffed, marked, or scratched.

  • Why Polyurethane is used on kitchen tables even, it is not safe?

As per FDA regulations, the basic clear wood finishes that dry and forms hard film is considered safe. Do not use the surface till the finish completely dries. Shellac is not a good choice for areas that frequently remain in contact with water. You can apply Polyurethane over the Shellac.

As per finishing expert Bob Flexner, Polyurethane varnish does not have any known hazard. Once cured, all finishes are food safe. The rule of thumb for finish full curing is thirty days at 65-75 degrees F.

  • What are the performance differences in matt and Satin finish?

Matte finish is perfect to use in kitchen tables and offers a modern and rustic look. Matte finishes are muted and subtle. They better absorb light and give a smooth look.

The satin finish delivers more shine and is more reflective. These finishes give pearl look to wooden products even when completely dry.

Final words

The kitchen table made of cherry, mahogany, oak, pine, and more wood is beautiful and functional. They add beauty to the loveliest parts of the house. It is wise for people to provide protection and extend the life of their kitchen countertops. Adding a finish is a good choice, but the brand and type really matter.

We have picked out some of the best finish for the kitchen table so you can pick the one that suits your requirements. Make sure to read the instructions provided and seek professional help if necessary. Whichever finish you choose to assure that it provides water and scratch resistance so it can keep the wood in good condition for many years.