10 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks For Granite Countertops Reviews & Guide (2020)

Designing new decoration plans for your house is often very satisfying. It is a place to live in, sure, but it is also the place where you will create your best memories.

One of the areas where we put all our attention is the kitchen. People say the state of our kitchen says a lot about us, and I think that’s true. Nobody enjoys a dirty kitchen, especially after we had dinner and it’s time for the dishes.

To assist you on that task, it’s important that you look for the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops. These sinks offer many benefits, and they are not difficult to install.

In this review, we’re going to go through the best sink options currently available.

_Undermount – Overmount: What’s The Difference?_

Before we get into the reviews, it is important to talk about the two types of sinks; the overmount and the undermount. They do somewhat the same work, but they have many differences.

  • First, we have to talk about the installation process

The overmount sink is a drop-in product. It hangs around the countertop’s edges, and the counter takes care of supporting the sink’s weight. There are plenty of options available, which makes it a prominent product in the market.

An undermount sink, on the other hand, has a very unique installation process. It hangs below the working surface. For this reason, it must withstand a higher amount of weight in comparison to the overmount.

After you install the undermount sink, you have to check if everything is well-adjusted. Otherwise, it could lose its support and leave an empty hole in your kitchen.

In general, the overmount sinks are much easier to install.

The undermount sinks, on the other hand, require more preparation and a certain amount of knowledge.

  • The price is another noteworthy issue

The undermount sink has different models available, and it is great to assist you while cooking or doing the dishes. This type of sink has a higher price.

Nonetheless, the overmount also delivers what you need from a sink, and it is less expensive.

But there’s no need to have concerns. Most sinks currently available offer you the option to install them as an overmount or an undermount.

_Best Undermount Kitchen Sink Reviews 2019_

After checking the main difference between the two models, it is time for us to go through the best options for you, ( Check here for a option for your horse if you like ) their highlighted features, and why they are among the top products available.

By the end of this review, you will have a better idea of what you need.

#1) Kraus KHU100-30 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink- One of Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks Brands

Now we are diving into stainless steel territory here, with all the benefits and disadvantages they provide. Although with this product, there are more benefits than disadvantages.

It features stainless steel that delivers higher strength and durability. The steel has enough quality to resist against corrosion or rust. This product has a sturdy construction, featuring 1.5mm thick steel that makes it durable over time and increases its lifespan.

Overall, this product delivers comfort for everyone. Not only because of the stainless steel which guarantees a durable item, but also because of its protective measures.

For starters, it includes extra-thick pads to prevent noises. These pads cover up the majority of the sink, up to 80% of its surface, and ensures you have no sound disturbs when you are dishwashing.

It also features protective undercoating. The undercoating keeps the sink from having condensation build-ups. These accumulations often can damage the cabinets in the kitchen.

Another important highlight from this sink is its easy maintenance. More often than not, you will find that other sink’s corners are difficult to clean. As time passes, the dirt and waste accumulate in the edges, which become unpleasant later on.

However, this product keeps that from happening. It maintains its surface and surroundings very clean, and you will have no difficulty when you want to clean the corners and the edges.


  • Easy to clean
  • Features pads to prevent noises
  • Protective measures like the undercoating
  • Quality materials for its construction make this product the best undermount stainless steel kitchen sink


  • It receives scratches easily

#2) ZUHNE Modena Single Bowl Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink- Best Undermount Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel

While it is true that double-bowl sinks help you have a more organized cleaning, sometimes you only need a single bowl. Of course, that depends on your personal preferences, but I have to say: it is incredibly satisfying to have a single bowl to throw all the dishes.

Of course, this sink is not as fancy as the others. It is a simple design, but it meets your demands efficiently. It features stainless steel strong enough to resist rust and corrosion. On top of that, the sink's steel is capable of resisting against scratching from the utensils.

You can install this sink in your kitchen easily. However, I do have to mention the fact that this product is better for high workloads. It is an ideal product for commercial purposes, and that is possible because of its quality construction materials and resistance.

Nonetheless, regardless of the amount of work you put in the sink, it will give you a comfortable time. It features an insulation technology that easily surpasses the majority of other models in the market. You can do the dishwashing, use the draining structure, and it will barely make any noise.

On top of that, it also considers your safety. It uses materials with no toxic chemicals at all, and its production goes through many safety measures.

Despite its simple design, this sink is a good investment to make.


  • Low price
  • Strong safety measures
  • Adequate option for heavy tasks
  • High-quality insulation technology to keep the noises low
  • Stainless steel can resist damaging elements like rust and corrosion


  • It requires a thoughtful maintenance process

#3) Kraus KGU-413B Single Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink- One of the Best Undermount Sinks for Kitchen

This product is easily the best undermount single bowl kitchen sink you can get. Let’s talk about why that is.

First of all, its construction consists of eighty percent natural granite. Granite is a quality element among the best materials for the sink’s design, especially because of all its qualities. It can resist high temperatures, scratches from other utensils, and liquid spills, which is always a plus.

The sink’s dimensions are 30.47-inch for its length, 17.09-inch for the width, and 8.66-inch at depth. These dimensions make this sink very comfortable to use.

It gives you the freedom to do multiple dishes at a time, and it won’t give you a hard time while cleaning.

Of course, this product features an anti-sound design as well. Regardless of what utensils you are cleaning, it won’t produce unpleasant noises. The surface is hygienic, and it offers durability over the years.

The black color design is another important element from this product. They say black goes with everything, and this sink proves it successfully. It provides an elegant design that sits well with the rest of the decoration in your kitchen.

As a final note, we have to mention the price of this product. Unlike many other models, this sink provides quality and comfort at an accessible price. Whether you have a small or a big kitchen, this product is worth its value, and it will deliver what you need exactly.


  • Low price
  • Great black design
  • Anti-sound surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Quality Natural granite for its construction
  • Capable of resisting high temperatures


  • Using it as an undermount can produce issues

#4) Elkay Quartz Classic White Single Bowl Undermount Sink- Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for Quartz Countertops

To finish our list, we are going to close with one of the most beautiful sinks we have seen. It is a classic and very old-fashioned sink, and I think that is where its beauty lies.

It appeals to an old, comfortable and easy-to-use product, accessible for everyone and without unnecessary accessories.

For its molding, it uses natural quartz as its main material, but it also features acrylic resins. There are multiple colors available, which allows you to choose the right one to fit your kitchen decoration.

Obviously, it is not only about good looks. A sink has to deliver in other areas, and this one does it successfully as well.

Fortunately, this product has enough quality to keep away stains. By offering a resistant surface, it avoids the spread of any bacteria or other unpleasant elements.

Nonetheless, it does not exclude it from maintenance. Proper maintenance is always necessary for items like this.

It is an easy-to-clean product that won't take much of your time. Thanks to its hygienic materials, it only requires you to pour down a certain amount of water, soap and a damp cloth. After you finish, it is barely noticeable that it was dirty not too long ago.

This sink is also very quiet during the time you use it. The thick materials are capable of absorbing the different noises and keeping them low for a more comfortable experience in general.


  • Easy to clean
  • It is a quiet sink
  • Classic and beautiful design
  • High resistance to stains and beverages
  • Can resist a maximum amount of 535 degrees


  • It is not recommendable for a heavy amount of work

#5) Ruvati RVM4250 Undermount Single Bowl  Stainless Steel- Best Quality Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sinks

This sink maintains a classic look that blends in with every decoration easily. Sometimes choosing a sink is difficult, there are too many options, and you don’t really know which one is the best choice for you.

In those scenarios, this product is a good option if you are not certain what type of sink you want because it provides what every sink should provide, which is a suitable place to clean your utensils, leaving aside all of the other fancy accessories and unnecessary features that you don’t need at all.

This sink offers a high amount of space for you to use as you want, giving you proper functionality with a deep bowl and standard rounded corners.

Like many other options in this list, it is also very versatile when it comes to its installation. You can install it as an undermount or an overmount, which allows you to decide which option best suits your kitchen decoration.

Additionally, the steel ensures the sink’s durability. It is easy to clean, meaning you won’t have to spend too much time maintaining it. All of these features are important to give you a long-lasting product that proves its value every time you use it.


  • Easy to clean
  • Accessible price
  • Ideal for heavy purposes
  • Stainless steel offers higher durability
  • Fits well in many types of kitchen, regardless of the decoration


  • It does not offer strong resistance to rust and other elements

#6) Blanco 440067 Single-Basin Granite Kitchen Sink- One of the Best Rated Undermount Kitchen Sinks

If you happen to enjoy cooking as much as I do, you need the right tools to make your kitchen keep up with your work, especially when it comes to the dishes. One of those tools is a good sink. You are going to need it to keep the dishes from accumulating and making a whole mess.

The Blanco 440067 sink is capable of doing that exactly. While you are cooking, you can throw in the utensils without having to worry about high temperatures.

This sink can resist temperatures reaching 536 degrees, making one of the most resistant products available for you.

It features eighty percent of hard granite. This material alone gives us enough information about what the sink can resist.

The bowl’s depth is also very useful. With 10” and 7-3/4”, it gives us the possibility to toss in different utensils and to clean them easily. It comes in handy for quick cleaning when you have big plans for a certain date.

For the outside dimensions, the sink features 32” by 19-1/2”. If you want to install this product, you will need to get it beforehand to make the right preparations. Once you do the proper measurements, the sink becomes a great addition for your kitchen. The metallic gray color is nice to look too.

Cleaning it is not a problem either. With a sponge and quick wipes, you’re going to remove the food remnants, stains, liquid, or whatever other substance remains in the sink after you do the dishes.


  • Can resist high temperatures and scratches
  • Hard granite makes up for a durable product
  • Includes a steel mesh colander with stainless protection


  • The price is definitely one of the disadvantages of this product

#7) Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In or Undermount Granite Kitchen Sink- Best Undermount Sinks for Kitchen

If you have no idea about the installation process, one of the best things to do is to get someone to assist you. However, there is another option when that happens, and that option is picking a sink that gives you two possible installation methods.

That is what we get from this model. This sink offers you the freedom to install it through both methods, as an undermount or an overmount.

It is possible because of its flat deck, which makes it ideal for everyone, regardless of how they use it.

Part of its quality comes from its composition. It uses eighty percent of solid granite. This material creates a product that feels and looks like natural stone, which helps your kitchen have a more natural tone, and it also makes it a comfortable sink to use.

The materials used in its construction offer resistance as well. They are capable of resist both hot and cold temperatures at an extreme level while maintaining their integrity.

You get a product easy to install, good looking to the eye, and that is not likely to break under extreme circumstances.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of disadvantages to this product. First, its price is considerably high, making it not reachable for some budgeting. Secondly, it is a rather bulky design in comparison to other models in this list.


  • Fairly easy to clean
  • Offers enough bowl pace for heavy work
  • Quality and resistant materials endure high and low temperature
  • Two installation methods to choose which one best fits your kitchen


  • The price is not worth for some budgets

#8) Kraus KGU-434B Black Onyx Granite Kitchen Sink- Best Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Using eighty percent of natural granite for its construction, this product is one of the best-looking sinks you will find on the market.

 The deep black color, along with the natural granite, makes this sink look great, and it goes well with the rest of the kitchen’s decoration.

It also features a sound absorbing surface, which allows you to have a more comfortable experience.

You won’t have to worry about making high pitch noises from the collision between the utensil’s steel and the sink structure.

It does not only bring comfort for the user, but it also has high protective standards for the sink’s integrity as well.

For instance, the product has protection through a thermal and high-quality finishing process. With this benefit, you are going to get a highly resistant sink. It can withstand heat, cold, chipping, and the discoloration risks from the maintenance products.

The maintenance process does not take much time or effort either. This sink is easy to clean, and it resists dirt as well as grime. You can easily clean the surface with quick wipes, and you will notice how good it is to resist against coffee, grease, among other stains in general.

Because of that, this product saves you plenty of time while cleaning. The bottom of the sink allows it to have quicker draining, and it keeps the water from gathering around the basin.


  • Easy to clean
  • Offers resistance to high temperatures
  • Sound and vibration absorbing surface
  • You can install it as an undermount or overmount
  • Deep black color gives this sink a great looking design


  • The bowl’s size is small; not appropriate for high amount of workloads

#9) Swanstone QZ03322LS.077 Granite 1-Hole Dual Mount Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink- Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks Single Bowl

One of the problems you do not want to have with your sink is regarding their resistance. It is very disappointing when you get a product that looks great, it has a good price, and everything else seems alright, but then it does not last two weeks after you install it.

When the sink breaks or gets scratches is a total let down for everyone, particularly because we want our sink and kitchen, in general, to look fantastic.

In order to prevent those issues, the manufacturers put special attention to the materials they use for the sink’s design. We can totally confirm they have made great steps when we take a look at this sink model.

It uses eighty percent resistant and durable quartz stone. The only material stronger than this is the diamond, which should give you enough reassurance over the quality of this product.

This sink is virtually indestructible, making it a great option for you to use it without worrying about its integrity.

On top of that, it provides flexibility as well. You can choose how to install it, whether it is as a drop-in installation method or as an undermount sink. Having the option to choose how you want to install it is a plus, because you can make it fit your kitchen in the best way possible.

In general, this is a worthy product that you should totally consider.


  • Comfortable size
  • Great option for remodeling your home or for new constructions
  • Two installation options allow installation as an overmount as well
  • Quartz stone for construction makes it durable and resistant to almost anything


  • The white version of the product does not handle stains very well

#10) Swanstone QU03322AD.077 Granite Undermount Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink

Here we have a product created with a smooth design, clean lines and a good presentation in general. It features organic curves that strongly resemble natural elements.

For its construction, it uses quartz stone. It is an extremely durable item that will not disappoint you, and it will maintain its functionality over time and even after plenty of use. Because of these quality materials, it will maintain its good look as well, giving you a suitable sink for your kitchen.

It is an item worth considering. While it isn’t as extravagant as other models, it sure sets new standards with an innovative design.

Another important element this sink provides is flexibility. It gives you the option to mount it under multiple styles of countertop materials. From granite to quartz countertops, this product will fit perfectly.

The sink’s drains are at the bowl’s back, which optimizes the working space for you. It also features 10-inch depth bowls, providing you enough room to do the dishes freely.

When it is time to do its maintenance, you won’t have a difficult time either. The sink’s undermount design allows you to clean it easily, and it does not expose the rims. You will not have to worry about the rim catching crumbs, dirt, or any other unpleasant elements.

To sum up, this sink provides what you need exactly. It is a simple product that allows everyone to use it properly, which is what everyone wants to have.


  • Easy to clean
  • Looks fantastic
  • Resistant sink with quartz stone
  • Can withstand high amount of impacts
  • Suitable for different types of countertops


  • High price for a simple design

This undermount sink has easy to clean corners, a rear set drain and an extra deep bowl for functionality. The model is not only scratch-resistant but also uses industrial strength T304 18/10 stainless steel from Posco, a world leader in quality steel.

This high-end quality ensures that this sink will maintain it’s shape, even with heavy use, and remain corrosion and rust-free, even when draining boiling water or flush ice. Zuhne artfully crafts the sink not only for aesthetics but also for precision.

The curved corners maximize space in the sink while the slope to the drain makes clean-ups easy. The PM-HOBZ-4YRY model comes with the sink, grid protector, 3 piece strainer, sponge holder, cleaning towel, mounting hardware and a cut-out template.


  • Single-bowl sink for washing large pots and pans
  • Sleek and modern look for granite countertops
  • Quality steel for maximum durability
  • Comes in different dimensions
  • Affordable price for great quality
  • Food particles drain easily
  • Depth reduces splashing
  • Sound guard padding
  • Beautiful finish
  • Easy to clean


  • Can develop rust spots if using grill
  • Depth of sink could lead to plumbing adjustments

Factors To Consider Before Buying best undermount sink for kitchen

Let’s take a closer look at a few elements you should keep in mind before buying. These elements will help you sort out the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops, allowing you to choose the perfect one.

  • The Type of Sink

Naturally, the very first thing you need to consider is the sink's type. Knowing what sink you want and its capacities will give you more information in two critical areas: the sink's mounting method and the amount of space it requires.

Now, if you are working on redesigning your kitchen, the preparation is the most crucial step. By making a plan, you will have a better idea of what you need, and the preparations you will require.

We are talking about the amount of space for the sink. Ideally, you are going to need a sink that keeps the harmony of your kitchen intact. While it might sound silly, it is essential.

Working around the kitchen can easily become an unpleasant experience if you don’t have everything at the palm’s reach. For that reason, having the perfect place for the sink will give you a very welcomed comfort.

In order to have a more comfortable experience, you have to make sure the sink’s size fits well with the countertop.

Another thing you learn from the sink’s type is its installation method.

We have two methods: undermount and the drop-in method. The undermount way is often more straightforward than the other, which is why people normally prefer these types of sinks. Again, if you have any doubts about the installation process, find someone with more experience to assist you.

  • The Sink’s Quality

Doing the dishes often leaves plenty of food remnants in the sink. On top of that, the sink has to endure the water and many chemicals used to clean the dishes. Because of all these reasons, it is imperative that you check the sink's quality before buying.

Currently, we have many options in the market that deliver high-quality sinks. For instance, we have products with undercoating for more protection, high-quality steel that provides more durability, among other quality highlights.

These protective methods come in handy for everyone. Whether you are a professional at a restaurant or for personal purposes at your home, a quality sink will provide a more comfortable and pleasant experience. They also make sure the product maintains its integrity for longer periods of time.

But it does not stop there.

The sink’s quality will also determine how much work it can handle. Many sinks have different sizes, and some models are better for certain applications, but they all should deliver one same result, which is a resourceful tool to help you clean the dishes.

Of course, if you want a sink for your particular kitchen, almost any product available will do the trick for you. However, if you want a sink for heavy workloads like at a restaurant, getting a larger product is the best option.

  • An Accessible Product

Finally, another reasonable element to consider is its price. We always have to keep in mind that a higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality. If you are working on a low budget, you have to focus on the options available for you.

_Easy Installation Tips_

After deciding which one is the best undermount kitchen sink for you, it is time to install it.

Installing the sink is not tricky at all. However, if you are not sure about it, you can always request assistance from someone else. In the end, you're trying to improve your kitchen. Making a mess and ruining it is not something you or anyone wants to do.

To help you with the installation process, we have listed the necessary steps for a successful operation.

  • Making Room For The Sink

The very first step you need to take is measuring the sink. By doing the proper measurement, you will get a clear idea about the size of the hole.

Make sure you get the correct size. Otherwise, you will have to do extra work if the hole is too small, or you could ruin your kitchen if it’s too big.

After you finish making the hole, it is time to put the sink in it. Check if the size is alright, and proceed to the next step.

During this step, you can check if the size of the hole is ideal or not for the sink. As mentioned above, making the right place for the sink will prevent you from having unpleasant outcomes later.

Now that you’ve checked the sink fits properly, you have to determine the holes for the drill. You can mark the spots for better guidance. Get the sink out, and begin drilling.

  • Placing The Sink In Its Place

Apply a small amount of silicone sealant across the sink’s lip. After you do, you can proceed to place the sink from below the countertop.

Now it is time to use the other tools. First, put a 2X4 above the countertop along the sink. Then you will need a clamp for successfully clamping the sink to the countertop.

Adjust the wingnuts to the screw heads and check they're tight. Make sure they are appropriately adjusted.

Mark the spot required for the faucet. You can use masking tape, and add it to the countertop's back.

  • Checking Its Functionality

Now that everything is in its place, you have to wait for a few days for everything to set. After you review the sink's integrity, you can continue to add the rest of the fittings and accessories.

Finally, it is time for you to test it. Try turning on the water. If everything works great, then congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your undermount sink.

Watch the Video for Easy Installation Tip

_Final Verdict_

Coming through our reviews for the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops reviews, and understanding what their best feats are, you probably have a better idea of what you want.

Get your budget ready, pick the best option for you, and install it. You will truly appreciate when it is time for the dishes.

Remember, even though they may seem reasonable, it all comes down to choosing which one you like the most personally.

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