8 Best Water Pump For RV Use- Top Water Pump Reviews 2020

Okay, the real reason is to keep you hydrated while traveling in your RV. If your RV engine’s water pump goes out, that is a whole different set of problems; one that we might discuss at another time. For now, let’s stick to getting freshwater out of your holding tank and into your sink and shower.

After all, those are two of the reasons why you travel in an RV. You do not have to stop for water during the day, and at night, you clean up in a comfortable, familiar setting where no one else has the key to your front door. Selecting the best water pump for RV makes that happen.

_Benefits Of Using A Water Pump In Your RV_

In a small, enclosed system like an RV, freshwater makes traveling far more pleasant. That includes everything from getting a drink of water, cooking, cleaning, and showering. A water pump for RV use ensures you have that water when you need it, at the pressure you need.

An underpowered or faulty pump provides a trickle of water with an occasional rush of fluid. Picture a western movie where someone has to use a hand pump to bring water out of a well. It starts with a drip, then a big rush of water, slows quickly, and then stops. If you don’t have the best RV water pump for your vehicle, this is your life.

​_Top 8 Best Water Pump For RV 2019- A Comparison Table_

_Top 8 Picks of The Best Water Pump For RV_

The best water pump choice for your RV is the one that meets your needs and your budget. Here are eight that cover basic C-Class to high-end A-Class models.

​The SHURflo 4008-101-A65 is a mid-range priced pump. It is self-priming with an internal bypass and low cycling, quiet operation that runs on 12 volts, so it does not overtax the RV battery.

The A65 puts out a very reliable three gallons per minute. It runs dry and is thermally protected with a built-in Check Valve.

​This brand new pump from SHURflo was created to be a revolution in fresh water pump design. It has a unique, one-piece diaphragm, and an internal by-pass, providing for a long life and continual top performance in all RV plumbing systems.

The design was also developed to exceed the already high expectations of SHURflo’s customers and is constructed for constant, high flow demand, minimal noise and eliminates rapid cycling.

SHURflo’s quality reputation was been built on the reliability and dependability of every pump sold since it was founded in 1968. The Southern California based company has been a leader in the RV and Marine industries for almost five decades now and distributes its products through a global network.

The new A65 is incredibly quiet and can run dry without any damage. It can be mounted in any position, so installation is far easier than with many other models of water pumps. The internal bypass is rated at 55 PSI.

​      What We Like

     What We Dislike

  • ​Has a built-in check valve
  • ​It is self-priming
  • Runs quiet
  • ​Lower rate of only 3 gallons per minute

​The Flojet 03526-144A water pump is reasonably priced ​. It is self-priming with an impressive suction lift of up to nine feet. It has three chambers and can run dry with no damage.

Every 144A pump comes with soft-noise absorbing mounts so it runs more quietly than other, comparable models.

The 144A has with snap-in port fittings to quickly and securely attach hoses.

It has an automatic pressure switch that engages when the pressure drops below 20 PSI and turns off at 30 PSI,

and a built-in bypass for less pulsation in the water flow, which reduces the need for an accumulator tank. It also has a respectable flow rating of 50 PSI.

The pump size is 9”x6”x4.75” which makes it an ideal size for easy installation and access for maintenance in a garage or in campground parking slot. Each genuine Flojet water pump is constructed from corrosion resistant materials, meets the US Coast Guard Electrical Standards, and the ignition protection requirements determined by ISO 8846, so do not settle for anything else.

All Flojet water pumps and accessories are sold through Kleen-Rite, a leading supplier to the Recreational Vehicle, Marine, Car Wash, and other industries.

​      What We Like

      What We Dislike

  • ​Self-priming up to 9 feet suction lift
  • ​Pump able to run dry without damage
  • ​Permanent magnet ball bearing motor
  • ​Lower rate of 2.9 gallons per minute makes it limited primarily to campers and trailers

The SHURflo 2088-554-144 is a mid-range water pump and has a number of features that make it an excellent choice for RV enthusiasts.

Each 554-144 water pump has a Positive Displacement,

Three Chamber Diaphragm design so it works more efficiently to produce a 3.5 gallon per minute flow than other, comparable pumps. It also houses a One-Way Operation Check Valve which prevents the reverse flow of water to protect the freshwater tank

The pump is powered by a Permanent Magnet, ball bearing motor (P/N 11-173-01), and is thermally protected. The 554-144 has a flow rate of 45 PSI and runs on 12 Volts, so the RV battery efficiently powers it without being overtaxed.

​​This stainless steel, SHURflo water delivery pump is an excellent choice for smaller RVs,( check here for another excellent choice before you go outdoor in rain) campers, and trailers, and comes with a one-year warranty. It is 8.6”x5”x4.45”, which makes it an ideal size for easy installation and maintenance. Purchasing an intake filter is recommended to further protect the Three-Chamber Diaphragm from particulates.

SHURflo’s quality reputation was been built on the reliability and dependability of every pump sold since it was founded in 1968. The Southern California based company has been a leader in the RV and Marine industries for almost five decades now and distributes its products through a global network.

      ​What We Like

      What We Dislike

  • ​Positive displacement, three chamber diaphragm
  • ​One-way check valve prevents reverse flow
  • ​Permanent magnet, ball-bearing motor
  • ​3.5 Gallon per minute flow restricts it to smaller RVs, campers, and trailers

​The SEAFLO Demand water pump is a cost-efficient. It provides a flow of 3.0 Gallons per minute and 45 PSI. It is self-priming, and runs a smooth, silent operation that can even run dry without damage in case the water source is interrupted.

The Demand water pump runs on 12 Volts and normally pulls 3.0 Amps with a maximum use of six. That makes it a very efficient device, with a low current draw and high-capacity output.

​The design protects it from thermal overload and has built-in ignition protection. Water flow can only go in one direction thanks to an in-line check valve.

Each pump has soft rubber mounts to help reduce vibration and also provide for a quieter operation than other, comparable models. The pump’s dimensions are 7.84" X 5.00" X 4.62", which makes it easier to install than larger pumps on most RV models. It is ideal not just for RVs, but also for many marine vessels and even has some applications for agricultural irrigation.

This SEAFLO model is an approved replacement for the SHURflo Model: 2088-422-444. Included with the water pump are two, one-half inch Barbed Hose Adaptors, one Mesh Inlet Strainer, and a 4-Year Factory Warranty.

SEAFLO was founded in 2004 and for 14 years, has specialized in the design, manufacture, and research into water pumps, fluidic devices, pressure systems, blowers, and accessories. Today, it is a leader in not just the RV and marine industries, but also recreational water sports, and agriculture worldwide. 

      ​What We Like

      ​What We Dislike

  • ​Self-Priming
  • ​Runs very quiet
  • ​Four Year Warranty
  • ​3.0 Gallon per minute flow restricts use to smaller RVs, campers, and trailers

The SEAFLO New Demand is a compact water pump that delivers big support. It provides a steady flow of 1.2 Gallons per minute with a surprisingly strong pressure of 35 PSI.

The New Demand 12 Volt pump pulls 1.7 Amps during normal operation, with only a maximum pull of only 2.7 Amps. The low current draw on the RV battery does not tax it all, but still provides a strong level of flow and pressure for the kitchen and bathroom.

 The design also protects it from thermal overload.

The water pump is self-priming, and runs very quietly and smoothly. If the water source is interrupted for any reason, the pump can run dry without damage until it is switched off. The New Demand comes with soft rubber mounts which reduce vibration and also contribute to its quiet operation, night or day. In addition to RV operations, this compact pump is also a great option for use on small marine vessels and even some agricultural devices for irrigation.

SEAFLO was founded in 2004 and for 14 years, has specialized in the design, manufacture, and research into water pumps, fluidic devices, pressure systems, blowers, and accessories. Today, it is a leader in not just the RV and marine industries, but also recreational water sports, and agriculture worldwide. 

      What We Like

      What We Dislike

  • ​Soft, rubber mounts for a quiet operation
  • ​Built-in pressure switch
  • ​Excellent price
  • ​Free shipping
  • ​1.2 Gallon per minute flow restricts the New Demand to best use only on campers, trailers, and small RVs

This GS LOOK Self-Priming pump is a heavy-duty workhorse at an incredible price. Its rated flow is an amazing 4.5 gallons per minute with a very strong pressure of 40 PSI.

 The GS LOOK runs off AC 110V, so it is an excellent choice for the RV battery on larger coaches and motorhomes.

The only drawback is that long-term operation (more than 60-90 minutes) can eventually lead to leaks, a reduction of flow, and eventually damage the pressure switch controlling the PSI.

​It maintains a strong draw, allowing it to self-prime up to 9.8 feet! This pump can be stored over the water tank, making it easier to install and access for maintenance. The GS LOOK can run dry when the water tank is exhausted or if a hose is kinked, but it needs to be turned off quickly to prevent damage.

The pump also has built-in thermal protection and an automatic pressure switch. If it starts to overheat, a sensor shuts down the pump for 15-20 minutes and then automatically re-starts. The pressure switch turns the pump off as pressure builds from turning off the kitchen or bathroom faucets and engages immediately when the water starts to flow again.

​      What We Like

​      What We Dislike

  • ​Can be used in the largest RV on the market
  • ​Flow of 4.5 gallons per minute
  • ​Easy Installation
  • ​Long-term use can lead to leaks, reduced flow, and pressure switch failure

The AQUAJET-ARV water pump is packed with features that make it an excellent choice for RV enthusiasts.


First, there is the variable speed feature. It alters the water flow as you open and close the taps and adjust the shower.

It combines with Aquajet’s soft start feature to eliminate rapid cycling and deliver a stronger flow and pressure than most other RV water pumps, even when the kitchen faucet and shower or toilet are operated at the same time.

There is also the ARV’s patented five-chamber design. It displaces far more water than the standard three and four-chamber models per each motor revolution, making it one of the highest-flow diaphragm pumps available on the market today in the RV industry.

The ARV also has a Positive Shut-off Valve that engages automatically at 75-85 PSI. This feature allows it to keep up with, and protect, the sophisticated filtration systems and plumbing systems used in many RV models today. It is self-priming, and can engage at a distance of up to 13 feet.

Every Remco Aquajet pump is made in the USA and supported by an extensive, nationwide network of suppliers and retail partners. Their goal is to provide not just RV owners, but everyone needing the best in fluid-handling technology for their RVs or marine vessels.

​      What We Like

​      What We Dislike

  • ​Water flow of 5.3 gallons per minute
  • ​Patented five-chamber design provides steady flow and high pressure
  • ​Self-adjusting water flow speed to match simultaneous use of faucets and/or shower and toilet.
  • ​Higher price than comparable models

The Eteyo Caravan/RV water pump has a broad range of usage on every size of camper, RV, and trailer on the market today.

The key features on this model involve adjustability. Owners can adjust the maximum flow rate from 0.8 gallons per minute for Class A, pop-up campers to 5.5 gallons per minute for Class C motorhomes.

They can also adjust the water pressure from 10 PSI for Class A trailers to 60 PSI for Class C caravans. Other features of this Eteyo water pump include sealed switches and an Electro coating to resist corrosion from the results of road travel.

​Since it operates at 12 Volts, operation of the pump for extended times do not overtax the RV battery. The patented diaphragm design not only delivers a smooth, consistent water flow, but a very quiet operation, even when the flow rate and water pressure are set to their maximums.

The balanced motor design of the Eteyo uses precision ball bearings, which support a longer life. Each one also comes with an internal thermal breaker to protect it from overheating. With dimensions of 8.7”x3.3”x5.2”, this pump can be easily installed in any class of RV and many Class A campers and trailers.

​      What We Like

​      What We Dislike

  • ​Can be used on any class of RV, camper, or trailer
  • ​Adjustable pressure from 10 to 60 PSI as needed
  • ​Adjustable flow rate from 0.8 to 5.5 gallons per minute as needed
  • ​Low power draw does not overtax the RV battery and allows for extended use
  • ​Very loud operation according to customer reviews

_Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Pump For RV_

The best water pump for an RV is the one that performs its two primary tasks efficiently: Provide pressurized water from the tank and provide it at a certain number of gallons per minute.

  • Pressure is a good thing

Pressurization means a steady flow from your freshwater tank into your kitchen and bathroom. Specifically, the faucets, so when you turn on the water, it is right there for you, just like in a stationary home. Just as important is the flow into your toilet so it draws the waste quickly and efficiently into your waste water (black) tank. Slightly less important, but no less valuable, is the flow into the bathroom for the shower.

Remember the hand pump comparison? Same thing again. The right water pump for RV usage prevents what looks like hiccups. That is sudden spurts of water and then a tiny trickle that isn’t enough to wash a cup, scrub your back, or clean the toilet as it flushes. One item to remember, if where you park is connected to a city or town water system, it is already pressurized and bypasses your water pump to give it a rest.

  • Strong pressure is better 

The needed flow into your RV depends on the size of the vehicle. Campers, trailers, and smaller motorhomes generally require a flow of 3.5 gallons per minute. Larger motorhomes need a flow of 5.3 gallons per minute to keep everything working efficiently and provide the best environment for RV living. The pump you select must meet those requirements or you might as well just pour all of your water out of a bucket. Even the larger pumps still only use 12 volts, so they can efficiently run off your RV battery without the risk of draining it through normal use.

  • Keep things quiet

One of the very few drawbacks to living in an RV is the outside noise. As you look for a water pump, find one that advertises how quiet it is compared to its competition. Whether it’s on a fansite or a commercial website, RV water pump reviews are a good way to get information. Enthusiasts love to brag about the latest device they’ve had installed and let everyone around them know if a water pump sounded like a steady stream or rough water crashing on the rocks.

There is always going to be a little noise, but it should be minor enough that the sound soon turns into background noise that you and your fellow enthusiasts quickly tune out and soon forget about it. Every major brand of water pump has a five-chamber design, usually on the higher-end models. They provide excellent water flow and steady pressure while also keeping the noise to a minimum.

If you keep these three things in mind while shopping for an RV or a replacement water pump, you can be certain to choose the right one. One final recommendation is to ask for a demonstration. Many RV Sales offices have demonstrator models ready to show how they work. They might even let you turn on the bathroom and kitchen faucets to check the noise level to find the best quiet RV water pump.  

 FAQ About Best RV Water Pumps ​

  • Can I get along without a water pump?

Answer- Yes, as long you give up showering and convenience. In a pinch, you can drain water from the tank and bring it into the RV to use for drinking and cooking. The problem now is you have to store it in something that won’t spill. BTW, no more indoor toilet either.

  • Can I fix the pump myself?

Answer- Unless you’re a trained mechanic; no. Make certain the water lines are clear and that everything is securely connected. Then, you can always check your circuit breaker to make sure the pump is getting power. If it is none of those things, call a professional.

  • How do I know I have the right size?

Answer- Every RV manufacturer has a recommendation for each device in your vehicle, if you do not have the manual, go to the website of their website and look for that.

  • How should I install a water pump?

Answer- There is no straight answer to this question. This is because water pumps vary markedly in terms of size, technical specifications, capacity, and operational technology. These mean that the various pumps may require slightly different approaches to install. These differences notwithstanding, they share some common installation procedures outlined below:

Step I: Place the Pump in the desired Location of Use

Start off by taking the water pump to the exact place where you intend to install it. This should ideally be right next to a water tank, the point at which the municipal water supply reaches the home, or near an underground source. The aim is to minimize the distance between the source of the water and the pump.

Step II: Connect the Pump to the Water Source

Connect the pump to the precise source of water. This is the most crucial part of the installation process. It is what makes or breaks the situation. Use a spanner to tighten the joints between the pipe and the tank. You may also wish to call in a plumber to assist you especially if you plan to draw water from a well.

Step III: Connect the Pump to a Power Supply

Next, connect the pump to the appropriate power supply. You will definitely have to bring in a qualified electrician to help you establish a connection between these two. Let him connect the wires and then test the circuit.

Step IV: Test the Installation

Lastly, test the installation. Switch on the pump to test whether it works well or not. In case the pump does not function as expected, determine the cause of the problem. Thereafter proceed to rectify the situation as need be.

​_Final Verdict_

Selecting the best water pump for RV use can make traveling seem like you’ve brought the comforts of home with you. That is the goal after all, seeing this great country through the windshield and on foot wherever you decide to stop. So do just that, see everything you’ve ever dreamed about, just do it in an RV!

Thank you for your time. take a look our reviews for best finish for your kitchen table if you need.