How To Install Kitchen Cabinets- Easy & Clean Method

Are you worried about how to install kitchen cabinets? Don't worry! This is what you are looking for Kitchen cabinets help us to save greatly on space in the kitchens.

This is because they take up less space while at the same time hold most of the dishes and cutlery we require conveniently in place.

It is for this reason that you must invest a great deal of your time in learning how to install ​kitchen cabinets.

In the proceeding conversations, we are going to examine those procedures that you may follow to fix some custom kitchen cabinets.

Let's follow and make a great looking kitchen that increase beauty of our lovely sink and best kitchen faucet.

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets- Tools & Materials Required

  • ​4' level
  • stud finder
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • screw gun
  • clamps
  • ready-to-assemble cabinets
  • wood shims
  • 2-1/2" screws
  • 1x2 ledger board

​How To Install Kitchen Cabinets- Step By Step Guideline 

Mark Up

Step I: Measure and Mark the Wall

You should first and foremost survey the size of your kitchen to determine the maximum size of the cabinet you may probably fix. Follow this procedure by measuring and marking the wall with the various measurements and dimensions which you will have arrived at earlier.

Use a tape measure and a pencil to make these markings. Put in place some wall studs, as well as these, will help you to further hold up the hanging cabinets. Screw them tightly into the walls to forestall their likelihood to fall off under intense weight or pressure. You may use some glue or gum as well.


Step II: Fix a Support Board on the Wall

The next step is to fix a support band on the wall. This is basically a long plank of wood which you place on the wall and which the cabinet will be subsequently fixed at a later date.

Use gum or glue as well to further fasten the board on the wall. This will further strengthen the attachment and make it even all the more difficult to peel off even under intense weight.

Hang The Cabinet

Step III: Hang the Cabinets

Partition the cabinet appropriately. This is to subdivide the cabinet space appropriately so as to expedite the process of storing the goods and cutlery. Pre-drill the holes in which you will subsequently drive in the nails at a later date at this stage.

Now hang the cabinet on the board. Use the hammer to hit in several nails across the board. Alternatively, you may fix in some screws using the screwdrivers rather than hitting the nails in with the hammer.

Screws are preferable in case you plan to shift residence every quite often. Shake the cabinet gently as soon as you are done with fixing it to test whether it is indeed tough enough to withstand the excessive weights.

Step IV: Fix the Cabinet Interiors

Proceed now to fix the interiors of the cabinet in place. These include finer partitions and the accompanying wall and doors. Level the partitions appropriately to prevent any slants and other problems that may generally arise with misalignment.

Follow this procedure by fixing the doors and hinges wherever they may be required. Use the screwdrivers, hammer, screws, and nails to do this. Exercise great gentleness while doing so to avoid damaging the delicate attachments and the entire cabinet as a whole.

Carry Out Final Touch

Step V: Carry out Final Touches

At this stage, you should now carry out the final touches i.e. those issues and practices that are aimed at concluding the task of installation of the cabinet. These include painting the cabinet, tightening the joints, and strengthening any weak joints.

Test the cabinet once more by shaking it gently to test whether the connections are strong enough to be able to handle the forces and weights that may be exerted on it. You should also follow this procedure by carrying out further repairs.

​Closing Remarks

As you may clearly see from the foregoing discussions, fixing a cabinet in place is clearly not a do-it-yourself activity not unless you are highly skilled in carpentry.

You also definitely want a final outcome that is strong, reliable, and tough enough to be able to endure the test of time.

For these two reasons, you inevitably have to invoke the assistance of a qualified technician or carpenter. In all, you should make every effort to fix a cabinet in place soonest possible if you not done so.

This is because the benefits that come along with them are too numerous to be overlooked or forfeited.

We've mentioned a simple method above​ for how to install kitchen cabinets. Hope you can easily do the job. You can also get a look this 6 ways to install kitchen cabinet here for more details.

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