How To Install Undermount Sink To Quartz- Easy Method 2018

Quartz is very strong, heavy, and durable. As such, it requires specialized attention and extra strength to handle unlike the other kinds of materials. For this reason, you will first and foremost have to develop great muscle power to be able to comfortably and effectively handle the materials.

We are going to discuss those steps you are to adhere to in order to carry out this activity flawlessly in the discussions that follow. You will first and foremost have to assemble all the tools and materials required for the job. You will then have to diligently follow the explanations we are going to elaborate on below.

​_How to Install Undermount Sink to Quartaz_

Tools and Materials Required

• Rectangular under-mount sink

• Artisan Quartz Vanity Top

• Kitchen and bath Silicon

• Caulking gun

• Faucet

• Vanity

• Clamps

• Wrench

• Protective gear such as aprons

​Step-by-step Procedures Now

  • Step I: Apply the Silicon to the vanity top

Flip the vanity top upside down. Do so gently in order not to inflict any harms or injuries onto yourself. Fill the caulking gun with kitchen and the bath silicon agents. Proceed to apply a bead of silicone agent onto the edge of the sink opening. Be a bit sparing with these agents.

Do not apply too much or too little as this may compromise the strength of the joint. Once you are through with the application, leave to dry completely. This way, you will be able to make strong joints and connections possible.

  • Step II: Apply the Silicon on the undermount sink too

Now proceed to your undermount sink. Flip it upside down too, just like you did to the vanity top above. Lay it atop the opening which you just sealed by use of the Silicon agent above. Line it as nearly as possible with the vanity top to keep off unnecessary inconsistencies and guarantee favorable outcomes.

Apply some pressure as much as possible for a couple of minutes or even hours. This pressure is intended to fasten the joint as much as possible. For best results and to also take as little time as possible, consider using clamps to do the fastening.

  • Step III: Secure the faucet to the vanity

Once dry, you now have to go a step ahead and fix the faucets. Take the washer and screw it off of your faucet. Slip the bottom of your faucet through the center and into the hole which you have already pre-drilled in your vanity top.

Slide your washer over the top of the brass pole and on the bottom of the faucet. Screw the connection between these two parts. Complement this with a hand tightening or by the use of the wrench. Finish off by joining the two i.e. vanity top and the sink onto the vanity.

  • Step IV: Apply the vanity top to the bathroom vanity

Before you commence this exercise, remove the bath and kitchen silicon from the caulking gun. Put a bead of silicon to all the four sides of the vanity. Find someone to help you fix the vanity top onto the vanity.

This is because such furniture is heavy and is hence prone to injuries and hazards. You will also need to create a comfortable clearance between the vanity top and the faucet pipes and the back of the vanity.

After you have fixed the vanity top onto the vanity, leave it alone for a duration of around 24 hours to settle and dry fully before moving it again.

  • Step V: Test the Installation

After concluding the installation process, go ahead and test the strength and reliability of the installation. You may do so in a number of ways and means. These include turning on the faucet to ascertain whether there are any clogs or leakages; shaking the connections and joints to check the strength thereof; and attempting to unglue the connections.

In case you encounter any issues, take the necessary intervention mechanisms. This means, unclog the blockages, seal all the leakages, and re-seal any loose connections, among others. You may also bring in an expert to help you out accordingly at this stage.

​Closing Remarks

As you may well have seen by now, installing an under-mount sink to quartz is no joke. The materials involved in the process are very heavy. The entire exercise is also potentially hazardous and as such can inflict injuries on you.

For these reasons, you are better off entrusting this task to a competent technician. Alternatively, you may have the technician do the job for you as you watch and take the necessary notes.

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