9 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks For Granite Countertops Reviews & Guide (2018)

You are welcome to ​​the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops review post. The undermount sink gives any kitchen an upgrade to look like a "designer" home. The installation of the sink what literally gives it the edge compared to more traditional drop-in sinks. The edges for the undermount kitchen sink rest below the top of the counter so the space is continuous from counter top to the sink.

This is ideal for easy clean-up as food pieces are unable to get stuck in crevices like those in a drop-in sink. Undermount kitchen sinks are especially ideal for granite countertops as the sink needs a sturdy material that can hold the weight of the sink once installed.

Granite not only a practical and stable material but creates a sleek look when paired with this sink. Cleanup is simple with my undermount kitchen sink and leaves more room to show off my sparkling granite countertops.

​There are too many styles in the kitchen sink on the market. Stainless steel sink, Farmhouse, Double bowl, single bowl, and under-mount. but under-mount kitchen sinks are very comfortable with granite countertops​.

They are basically sinks that are installed beneath the countertops of the kitchen. We have carried out some thorough research to prepare this buying guide. We hope this will aid you to take a best ​undermount kitchen sink for ​your best kitchen faucet and making the right purchasing decision​.

​Introduction To The Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks For Granite Countertops

​Undermount kitchen sinks are very handy. This is because they take up less space, are less injurious, and are comparatively simpler to maintain.

They are manufactured by different players and manufacturers. They are also available in various sizes, shapes, and functionality.

In light of this, a would-be user like you may often find it difficult to make the right purchasing decision. It is for this reason that a candid buying guide of this nature is by all means called for.

In the ensuing conversations, we are going to identify and discuss the various tips and points you have to consider to make the best decision about best granite kitchen sinks.

We are further going to identify and briefly review the top six ​granite kitchen best sinks as of the year 2018.

​How To Choose Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks For Granite Countertops

A. Intended Uses

These kinds of sinks are geared towards the performance of different purposes. It is, therefore, necessary that you figure out what purposes you would wish to have your kitchen sink perform while selecting the right one.

A god sink on the basis of this consideration ought to be as versatile as possible. It should also be able to contribute to the visual appeal and décor of your entire kitchen.

B. Quantity of Dishes

How many dishes do you generally intend to handle at any given time? This consideration is necessary because different sinks have different sizes and are also able to handle different amounts of dishes at a time.

Choose a larger sink or sink bowl if you anticipate handling plenty of dishes at a time, and vice versa. This way, you will not encounter unnecessary hassles while washing your dishes.

C. Material Composition

Even though these sinks have granite as a key constituent material, they also comprise several other materials. These extra materials determine to a large extent the durability as well as the long-term reliability of the sinks.

Pay attention to these extra materials also while on the lookout for a suitable best sink. This way, you will obtain the most durable and reliable sink possible.

D. Financial Resource Endowment

A good kitchen sink has to fit within your budget. This can only happen if you ascertain your financial resource endowment as well as the corresponding costs of acquiring the sink of choice.

You should also look out for discounts, manufacturer’s warranty, and special offers while in the process of acquiring the right sink. This way, you will be able to avoid unnecessary financial hardships that most buyers come to terms with.

E. Amount of Space

How much space do you have at your disposal? In which side of the sink is your garbage disposal placed or installed? These two considerations are very important.

This is because they determine the size of the sink you might want to possess. They also determine the shape and other structural attributes of the said sink.

You may wish to bring in a technician to your premise to ascertain these to enable you to settle on an appropriate sink.

F. Mounting Method

You may install these sinks in two main ways; the under-mount or the drop-in method. The precise method of mounting is largely determined by the space and the level of technical expertise.

The under-mount method is more complicated and hence requires a great deal of technical expertise. Talk this through with your technician before buying the right one.

​Top 9 Recommended Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks For Your Granite Countertops- 2018

​Yes, Now we going to present few best sinks for granite countertops of this year in bellow. those look fantastic and long lasting. ​as I know most of the housewife like and use that undermount sink for their granite countertops. These best kitchen sinks also fit better with their nice ​faucets

Kitchen sinks are built for various purposes. If you are looking for one that is built to last, you may try your luck on this one. As you shall see below, it is indeed strong, tough, and durable. For this reason, it is pretty resilient to the common elements of wear and tear.

These include scratches, dents, corrosion, and cleavages, to mention but a few. This being the case, it will serve for longer duration of time without requiring you to part with a lot of money to care and maintain it.

This is a modern kitchen sink with long-lasting experience. built from 80% Natural Granite. This is 50/50 split sink and The 50/50 split sink adds pliability for a variety of kitchen work. it is well made item and easy to keep clean.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 80% Natural Granite Construction

The tough and durable natural granite constitutes 80% of the sink. This choice of material means that the sink will not wear out easily. On the contrary, it will discharge its roles for longer without interruptions.

  • Extra-deep Double-bowl Design

It's bowl is comparatively deeper than those of the ordinary sinks. Moreover, the sink has two bowls, meaning you will have extra space for your convenience of use.

  • Gently-rounded Corners

Lastly, its corners are rounded; not sharp. For this reason, you will less likely sustain any cuts or injuries. Moreover, you will also find the sink simpler to maintain.


  • Highly resistant to heat, discoloration, and chipping
  • Protected by means of thermal finishing process
  • Contains non-porous surfaces
  • Looks and feels like a real stone
  • Naturally sound-absorbing


  • Requires much skill to install
  • Way too pricey

In case you reside in a small hose such as a condominium, you too can still enjoy the benefits of a good kitchen sink. This undermount sink allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a durable sink but in a compressed form. This is because it is comparatively smaller in size yet still contains all the standard features of the ideal sink.

As the result of this, it will not cost you a lot of time and money to acquire and install. It will, however, confer on you all the standard benefits of such a sink. It has large drain basket and it's drain plug does not leak. This single bowl sink is easy to install and clean. it looks great with granite countertops. overall it's a good kitchen sink experience in life.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Standard 3.5-inch Drain Opening

This sink’s drain opening measures 3.5 inches. This is wide enough to see to it that all the trash and wastes are disposed of effectively. You will hardly experience any clogs or blockages.

  • Extra-deep Basins

It's basin is extra deep. For this reason, it will accommodate large dishes with ease. In light of this, you will be spared from unnecessary hassles that others may ordinarily confront.

  • Breathtaking Design

In all, the sink is breathtaking to behold. It comprises clean lines and a thoughtful design. It has details that highlight the organic elegance of the granite material. It will hence contribute to the beauty of your kitchen interior.


  • Features an eye-catching look as well as contemporary appeal
  • Appear striking in a variety of settings
  • Provides a lifetime of functionality
  • Costs less to repair and maintain
  • Exudes a refined style


  • Single bowl sink confers limited capacity

​Tiny rooms may not have too much space to accommodate your sink. This should not prevent you though from enjoying the benefits of a good sink This sink is deep enough to confer on you the benefits of a standard sink but in a compressed form.

​​You will, by deciding to settle on it, be able to handle and accommodate large quantities of plates and dishes conveniently. This will save you a great deal of your time, money, and effort. Please refer to the mini-review below for more information. it is very helpful for washing large items. it's Looks also beautiful  with Hanstone Fusion countertop.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Perfect Bowl Depth

In all, the sink’s depth ranges from 7.75 inches to 10 inches. This is perfect to see to it that all your trash is well taken care of. It also minimizes spillages and dirtying of the adjacent kitchen top.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Colander

It is accompanied by a stainless steel mesh colander. This enables you to clean and unclog the sink with ease. It does so perfectly by way of getting rid of any debris that may be trapped in the sink.

  • Metallic Gray Color

On the whole, the sink exudes a metallic gray color that is indeed fair to behold. This color will blend with most themes of your kitchen’s interior décor also.


  • Confers ultimate durability
  • Provides non-fading colors
  • Combines strikingly good looks
  • Has an easy-to-clean surface
  • It is scratch-resistant


  • Sharp corners can inflict harm on you
  • Prone to clogging

​​Just in case you also intend to prepare food on your sink, you definitely want one that is very hygienic. You would not wish to contract hygiene-related illnesses such as cholera or typhoid. This Blanco 440218 Diamond Double-Basin is an example of such a sink.

​It fits this bill well due to the fact that it does not at all stick onto food. It also repels dirt and is comparatively easier to keep clean and maintain. Below is a finer description of its features and benefits.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flat Deck

Its most outstanding feature is its flat deck. This feature makes the sink quite suited for both drop-in and under-mount installations equally well. Because of this, you will find the sink pretty convenient to install and engage.

  • Pre-drilled

This sink is pre-drilled for a single-hole faucet. This further expedites your process of installing the sink. It does so by eliminating unnecessary hassles and effort.

  • SILGRANIT Material

The Silgranit material adorns much of its parts, components, and material construction. This is because the material is not porous. It is also highly resistant, pretty safe for all foods and, fully hygienic.


  • Unsurpassed clean ability backed by industry leading 7 patents
  • Grants you the rare freedom to personalize your kitchen
  • Blanco is a very reputable and reliable brand indeed
  • Features the touch and feel of a natural stone
  • Embodies strikingly good looks


  • Required an outside cabinet
  • Drains not included

​For a sink to discharge its roles frequently, reliably and on a permanent basis, it has to be pretty tough and durable. Look to no other sink than this Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin. As you are about to see, it is indeed well able to play those roles reliably.

​It among others is made of very tough and durable materials. It is hence slower to depreciation alongside other common elements of deterioration. It will also less likely to break down and is thus cheaper to maintain.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Self-rimming or Under-mount Installation

With this sink, you can either install it in the upright self-rimming position or under-mount position. This freedom of choice means you may utilize the sink for whichever style or space available.

  • Softly-rounded Drain Grooves

It does have soft-rounded drain grooves. These serve as a point of elegance and function. This is because they discharge the dual roles of releasing the effluent and enhancing the interior décor of your kitchen.

  • Uniquely Resilient Material

On the whole, the material that makes up the sink is uniquely resilient. It is hence less likely to break apart into finer crystals. This assures you of overall safety and lower maintenance costs.


  • Withstands extreme hot and cold fluctuations well
  • Resists scratches and stains pretty well
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty
  • Provides greater bowl capacity
  • Has an easy-to-clean surface


  • Bulky (Measures 6 inches long by 6 inches wide by 6 inches deep)
  • Too expensive

​​Are you a lover of fashion, luxury, class, and elegance? If you answered yes, you may wish to possess this sink. This is because the sink is also designed with the aim of enhancing the interior décor of your kitchen besides fulfilling the basic functions.

​It exudes a breathtaking appearance courtesy of its great aesthetics. It also scratches rarely and is thus consistent in appearance. This is not to mention that you will find it much simpler to clean and maintain too.

Key Features and Benefits

  • ​Vibrant UV-stable Colors

​This sink is available in a wide array of vibrant UV-stable colors. This array is what enables you to add your preferred pop of colors to your kitchen space.

  • ​Undermount Installation

​The sink may only be mounted under the sink. In so doing, it creates a seamless appearance between the counter top and the sink. In so doing, it further enhances your kitchen’s interior décor.

  • ​Fine Quartz Sand Mold

​It is almost entirely molded from fine quartz sand. This material is well able to resist banging, scratches, and chipping, alongside other elements of wear and tear. For this reason, the sink lasts as long as can be.


  • ​Furnishes you with uninterrupted spaces for washing and stacking of dishes
  • ​Does not allow food and liquids to stick to the surface
  • ​Prevents the spreading of bacteria
  • ​Heat safe up to 535° Fahrenheit
  • ​Resistant to impacts


  • ​Complicated to master and engage

​This sink comes in different dimensions so can easily fit in already existing cut-outs. The biggest selling point for this product is the affordable quality with a lifetime warranty option.

The single bow 16 gauge sink allows large pots and pans to fit all at once for easy washing while remaining durable and dent-free. The satin finish is easy to clean and helps keep this product lasting for a long time.

The RVM4250 comes with the sink, a cut-out template, mounting brackets, a rinse grid and basket strainer. The sink fits over standard garbage disposals and has a sound guard padding that helps quiet the noise from washing dishes.


  • Can be installed under-mount or flush with counter
  • Single-bow sink for washing large pots and pans
  • Comes in different dimensions for easy fitting
  • Sleek and modern look for granite countertops
  • Sound guard padding and undercoating
  • Beautiful finish of brushed steel pattern
  • Durable material to avoid scratches
  • Affordable price for great quality
  • Food particles drain easily
  • Easy to clean​​


  • ​Sink grid holds water in rubber feet
  • Can be water mark prone so increased maintenance​

#8. Zuhne Modena 15x17 Inch Small Undermount Single Bow 16 Gauge Stainless Steel RV, Bar and Prep Kitchen Sink — PM-HOBZ-4YRY

​This under-mount kitchen sink has easy to clean corners, a rear set drain and an extra deep bow for functionality. The model is not only scratch-resistant but also uses industrial strength T304 18/10 stainless steel from Posco, a world leader in quality steel .

This high-end quality ensures that this sink will maintain it's shape, even with heavy use, and remain corrosion and rust-free, even when draining boiling water or flush ice.

Zuhne artfully crafts the sink not only for aesthetics but also for precision. The curved corners maximize space in the sink while the slope to the drain makes clean-ups easy.

The PM-HOBZ-4YRY model comes with the sink, grid protector, 3 piece strainer, sponge holder, cleaning towel, mounting hardware and a cut-out template.


  • ​Single-bow sink for washing large pots and pans
  • Sleek and modern look for granite countertops
  • Food particles drain easily to the drain
  • Quality steel for maximum durability
  • Comes in different dimensions
  • Affordable price for great quality
  • Depth reduces splashing
  • Sound guard padding
  • Beautiful finish
  • Easy to clean​


  • Depth of sink could lead to plumbing adjustments
  • ​Can develop rust spots if using grill

​This undermount sink is a contemporary design and a high-end feel. It is made up of dent-resistant stainless steel for strength and durability. The single bow basin able to fit both tall and large pots and pans while controlling for splashing because of it's depth.

The sink has non-toxic undercoating and padding that covers over 80% of the sink to control for noise. The satin finish not only corrosion and rust-resistant but also transforms the kitchen sink into a sleek workspace that complements any countertop.

The KHU100-30 model comes with a grate and a limited lifetime warranty. The packaging is meticulous to ensure high quality and KRAUS boasts about their attentive customer service should someone need it.


  • Protective undercoating to prevent condensation build-up on cabinets
  • Sleek and modern look for granite countertops
  • Single-bow sink for washing large pots and pans
  • Quality steel for maximum durability
  • Noise Defend soundproofing
  • ​Protection Plan available
  • Depth reduces splashing
  • Affordable price
  • Beautiful finish​


  • Depth of sink could lead to plumbing adjustments
  • ​Drainage sometimes leaves food particles

​Frequently Asked Questions About Best ​Undermount Sinks For Granite Countertops

Question. What is the general price range of the best under-mount kitchen sinks for granite countertops?

Answer.  Most sinks are priced in hundreds of dollars. They mainly fall in the range of $100-$300.

Question. How to install An undermount kitchen sink to Granite countertops?

​Answer. ​​​​​Don't worry about it. I hope you can easily install your undermount sink in granite countertops by following the video below. ​carefully see it and try yourself.

​Final Verdict

There you have it! These undermount best kitchen sinks are your best bet in case you would wish to have as hygienic a kitchen as possible. Indeed the roles they play insofar as safely discharging the wastewater and accommodating dishes cannot be completely enumerated.

Please note that some aspects of the information we have provided above may change unexpectedly. This is due to the constantly changing and dynamic nature of these items. You should hence consider carrying an independent analysis or research before making a purchase.

For now, we invite you to place an order. Just in case you do not have any in mind, we suggest the Elkay Quartz Classic ELGU2522WH0 White Single Bowl Best Undermount Sink. This is because it is tough, durable, and multipurpose. You stand to derive higher returns on investments by opting for it.

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