How To Install Undermount Kitchen Sink To Granite Countertops

Are you intent on giving your kitchen a facelift? Well, I too have been in that state before. I underwent similar experience and learned a lot. I am now glad to share the lessons I learned with you.

Your answer mainly lies in the installation of undermount kitchen sinks on your granite countertops. To do this, you will first and foremost acquire the best undermount kitchen sinks for granite countertops.

You will then have to acquire the various tools, materials, and safety gears necessary. Lastly, you will have to adhere strictly to the procedures I have already outlined and explained in the following explanations.


_​Tools and Materials Required_
  • ​Cutter
  • ​Marker
  • ​Silicone caulk
  • ​Undermount Sink
  • ​Denatured alcohol
  • ​2 x 4
  • ​Clamp
  • ​Wingnuts
  • ​Clean cloth
  • ​Masking Tape

_​Step-by-step Procedures_

Step I: Take appropriate Measurements

Measure your undermount sink. This is to enable you to determine the size of the hole that your granite countertop will have to possess. If you decide to measure these dimensions on your own, be sure to go ahead and carry out the cutting of the hole yourself. This is to prevent any discrepancies or inconsistencies from arising later.

While at it, be sure also to ascertain and delineate the shapes of the sink you intend to fix in place. This again is to see to it that the two parts and components are as compatible with each other as possible.

Step II: Cut out the Hole

Cut a hole through the granite. You are strongly urged to invoke the assistance of a technician in this process. This is because the granite materials very tough and potentially injurious. It is in this hole that you will, later on, fix the sink in place.

Regardless of who bores the hole, ensure that the dimensions of the hole match the size of the one you will require for the undermount sink. This is for the obvious reason that you need to two to be as compatible to one another as possible.

Step III: Fit the Sink

Now proceed to fit the undermount sink into the hole which you will have drilled in the granite. The rim of the sink will have to sit beneath the granite countertop in case it is of the correct size. If this does not happen, you may have to make certain corrections or alterations.

Go ahead and mark the portions where the holes are required to be drilled into the granite countertop later on. Once you have marked out these portions, take out your sink, and introduce some holes in the spots you will have marked. Thereafter, clean the ridge using denatured alcohol and then allow to dry.

Step IV: Apply the Silicon Sealant and Clamp

Put some silicone sealant into the sink’s lip. Fix the sink into the lip from underneath. Position it at the center of the of the granite countertop. Place a 2x4 tool on the countertop and across the sink. Clamp the sink thereafter with one of the ends going right through drain hole of the sink. The other end should land at the top of the wooden plank. This will see to it that the sink sits in the right or required position.

Insert the wingnuts in the screw heads that are available. Tighten the nuts thoroughly, probably with your bare hands. Stick a masking tape onto the back of the countertop. Mark this position and leave to settle for a few days.

Step V: Install the Fittings and Test

Install the fittings thereafter. Do this by introducing the faucet then connecting the supply lines and the other parts. Finish off by testing the credibility of the joints and installation. Do this by turning on the faucets, shaking the connections, and putting some load on the top of the sink.

Take note of the reactions and responses to these actions. In case there are leaks, seal them. If there are any clogs, unblock them, and if the joints are shaky or not firm, make appropriate repairs, and so on. You may bring in an expert to help you out at this critical stage.


It is my hope that you have found the guidance above quite handy. I now wish you well in your next installation exercise. Please note though that the procedures I have outlined above are very complicated especially to a person who lacks the necessary experience and skill. For this reason, I suggest that you bring in a person, probably an experienced technician, to help you out.

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