How to Replace Kitchen Faucet- Best & Easy Way To Replace Your Faucet

Whether you’re experiencing a leak or drip or you just want a quick kitchen makeover, you’ll need to upgrade your faucet sooner or later. Knowing how to replace kitchen faucet goes miles to save you money on hiring a plumber.

Luckily, replacing a faucet is one of the effortless home improvement projects. With just half an hour of your time and a few tools, even the least handy homeowners should manage to swap a faucet without having to break a sweat.

​The most challenging part of replacing your kitchen faucet has to do with removing an old one.

Unexpected problems such as difficult to reach nuts, corroded pipes, and poor access to fittings can always pop up. Otherwise, replacing a faucet shouldn’t be tough at all.

​Before looking at the steps on how to replace kitchen faucet, it’s important that you check out best kitchen faucet buying guide. The guide is handy at helping you land the best kitchen faucet to replace the faulty or old one.


How to Replace Kitchen Faucet

​Items you need to replace a kitchen faucet

  • New faucet
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Channel-locking pliers
  • Tape measure
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Basin wrench
  • Supply tubes (If the new faucet doesn’t feature these or the old tubes are worn)
  • Shutoff valves (If your sink is not equipped with these)

​​Replacing a kitchen faucet is not so difficult. Why do you spend extra cost! it's very easy to replace a faucet. ​you have to follow a few steps for replacing the kitchen faucet. now we are going to show how do you replace your kitchen faucet step by step

Step #1: Shut off water supply

How to Replace Kitchen Faucet

​To avoid flooding your kitchen, it’s prudent to turn off the cold and hot water valves. Typically, they’re located inside the cabinet beneath the sink. After shutting off the water supply, turn on the faucet. Doing this helps relieve the pressure of the remaining water inside the horses. 

Step #2: Pull out the existing faucet

How to Replace Kitchen Faucet 2

Utilize channel-locking pliers and adjustable wrench to disconnect two water lines from the present faucet. Next, utilize the basin wrench to get rid of the nut that holds the faucet appendix. Does your sink have a line that connects the hose with the faucet? If yes, then remove it too. Remove the old faucet and then wipe down the sink.

Step #3: Measure and organize the deck plate

How to Replace Kitchen Faucet

Measure the distance between holes to make sure that the new faucet fits perfectly. You can utilize a deck plate to cover extra holes. Slide hoses via the deck plate. Tightly seal the new deck plate using a plumber’s putty or a gasket.

Step #4: Connect the hardware

Beneath the cabinet, slide the nut and flange up and over the hoses till you get to the faucet. Next, hand tightens the nut till it is secure. After that, evenly tighten the screws with a screwdriver.

Important Note: For the pull-put faucets, you’ll need to add weights in order to withdraw the faucet.

Step #5: Connect the cold and hot water supply

Connect cold and hot supply hoses. Cold water usually connects to the right while hot water normally connects to the left. Your adjustable wrench should really come in handy at this step to help you connect the faucet hoses.

Check tags on hoses to delineate the right hose for each temperature. Of great importance is to ensure that the connections are snug. However, avoid over tightening them. Doing so could cause a leak.

Step #6: Test your newly installed faucet

How to Replace Kitchen Faucet 6

Now is the time to start your water pump and test the newly installed faucet. Once you connect the hoses, you should test the newly installed faucets. So how do you do that? You do it by turning on the water. Before you turn the water supply line on, check to ensure the faucet is at off position.

Allow water to run for roughly fifteen seconds. Have rags or towels nearby as you look for leaks. If you establish a leak, tighten connections on all water supply lines.

Important tips on replacing a kitchen faucet


  1. Are you replacing the kitchen sink together with a faucet? If yes, install your new faucet prior to setting the sink to the countertop.
  2. Take a photo of your current faucet before strolling down local or online home improvement stores. You’ll need to match up sink style with the appropriate faucet.
  3. Schedule your replacement project during store hours. You might need something for the project, which you don’t have.

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)


Q: How to clean kitchen faucet

A: Mild dish soap combined with water or plain water alone can handle the cleaning needs of most types of kitchen faucets. All you need to do is use a wet cleaning cloth.

After that, dry your faucet using a dry cleaning cloth to buff the shining present on the faucet. Doing so also goes miles to prevent spotting at the finish of your faucet.

If this cleaning method doesn’t work, you should consider using white vinegar. Mixing water and vinegar in half portions will form a solution that’s effective at removing fingerprints and water spots.

Q: Where to buy kitchen faucet  

A: Depending on the array of factors, you can opt to buy your kitchen faucet either online or from a home improvement store. Each of these options boasts pros and cons.

Q: How to tighten kitchen faucet handle

A : Is your kitchen faucet handle loose? If yes, then chances are high the nuts aren’t secure. To solve the issue, you must look beneath the sink to tighten them up.

Typically, the nuts are usually secured with fasteners or washers. Depending on the faucet, the fasteners might resemble basic metal nuts or make of colored plastic.

After identifying the nuts, all you should do is firmly tighten them. Adjustable basin wrenches or slips joint pliers are handy when it comes to helping you tighten kitchen faucet handle.

In fact, the former is great for helping you reach even the tightest of spaces.

​Dear ​audience! you can also follow the video in below to understand how to change a kitchen faucet. Please see the video and replace your kitchen faucet easily. 


Final Thoughts

A faucet and beautiful sink is a jewelry in your kitchen. It’s the finishing piece, which brings the entire design together.

Just like a statement necklace, a brand new kitchen faucet adds personality and style to what’s essentially a space that’s naturally more about function than form.

With countless options to suit different design styles, finding a new faucet shouldn’t be challenging. Many online retailers and big box stores make sourcing affordable, quality and beautiful options effortless.